V100 Series Carry Handles


High durability, impeccable print quality. Suitable for widespread use. Withstand weight up to 25 kg. And have a long shelf life.

The substrate may be paper, transparent polymers, foamed soft materials. With printing and without printing. Practical and reliable.

V200 Series Carry Handles


The increased range of temperatures of operation. They can be used for special purposes.


Р300 Series Carry Handles


An ideal choice for automatic and manual use when applied to packaging up to a thermal tunnel.

ViPRO Series Carry Handles


Carry handles the ViPRO series. The most eco friendly solution. 100% recycling. Natural Finger lift without glue. “Clean knives” system. Saves your costs and your time. Learn more by visiting

Banderole material


Banderole material with a unique patented adhesive application. Maximum usability, high strength, 100% recyclability, non-marking adhesive on the packaging, quick opening system – a real finger lift without glue.

Parcel tape without adhesive with increased strength. Holds even the heaviest packaging.

Without glue or using especially strong glue.