It is long known that automation helps to optimise business processes. We at ViRtexNord Oy are very well aware of that and partner with major manufacturers of automation equipment.

Out carry-handles work excellent with automated solutions provided by our partners.

Contact the specialists of PROJECT AE GmbH and you will receive maximum service, speed and optimal solution (Project AE GmbH)


We use automation to produce the desired result. When you need a product we are there to provide it. Customised, environmentally-friendly, practical and comfortable for you to apply and for your customers to use.

Virtex handles can bring innovation to you

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Our handles are top-quality eco-friendly and fully customisable according to your needs. We will help you make the right choice and will guide you on the implementation process. Our products are easy to integrate into your existing production line. Still not sure? Get in touch and we will tell you more!

We are a partner of Project AE GmbH

  • Time-tested equipment quality.
  • Reliable, practical, profitable.
  • Service, efficiency and respect for any opinion and task.
  • Engineering solution to any problem and any complexity.